The preferred method for registering is online – simply register to play by completing the entry form at

You can also register by phone or by email, details can be found of the on the contacts page.

If you know you’re going to attend then please register as soon as possible.

Registering in advance guarantees your place and also makes life easier for those organising the tournament.

2-Day Tournament Entry Fee
$35 Amateur* Players
$45 Pro** Players

1-Day Tournament Entry Fee
$25 Amateur and Pro

*Amateur status means that a player chooses not to be eligible to receive prize money, but can accept non cash prizes.
**Pro status means that a player chooses to be eligible to receive prize money.

Player Divisions
Players choose a division to suit there level of play. If you are unsure on your level of play, talk to the tournament staff when you sign in at the course.

ADG National Tour events adhere to the PDGA’s player division guidelines.
PDGA player division guidelines

Please pay entry fees when you sign in on Saturday morning. Cash preferred.

All players taking part must have event insurance.
Current members of ADG or AFDA qualify for event insurance as a benefit of their membership.
Non ADG or AFDA members are obliged to pay an extra $5 per day for insurance.

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